Communautés Canibuy du Québec

À la recherche des artisans et des designers québécois.


Parce que nous sommes plusieurs à travailler dans l’ombre et qu’une équipe serait une bonne façon de s’entraider et de s’encourager dans nos entreprises respectives.

Vous connaissez des artisans de la ville qui ne vendent pas encore sur Canibuy? Invitez-les pour se joindre à nous! et aider les à ouvrir une boutique en ligne sur  Canibuy , c’est simple pour commencer à se faire connaitre dans le web et partout au Canada.


iusa_400x400.37128938_mkyeQui peut joindre à nous?

 Les gens qui habitent au Québec et vendent ou désirent vendre leurs créations sur Canibuy au Canada.


Comment ?

Vous devez vous enregistrer comme vendeur à :




Canibuy Marketplace is here to help!


If you’re looking for a handmade marketplace to sell your products in Canada, Canibuy Marketplace is a fantastic option with tons of benefits and features all geared toward making it easy and risk free to sell your products online.


Handmade at Canibuy-community is a new category section for invited artisans to sell their unique, handcrafted goods to our approximately 25.5 million Internet users in Canada. …

Do you want to sell with us in Canadian market? Keep in mind …. Handmade items are special and unique – and each one has a different story behind it. This is what makes these items so attractive to Our Community, and why it’s so important that you use more tools to be known in Canadian market! There is always an opportunity to make your Business out with small changes here and there.

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Benefits of Joining Canibuy Estore

Designers, independent sellers, and independent artists & handcrafters from around the world have online stores on Canibuy marketplace. Products categories include everything from Apparel and home décor to jewelry and clothing – and more! Large retailers and chains are not allowed to sell on the site and handmade or vintage items are welcome, but it is not exclusively a handmade marketplace. Canibuy Marketplace’s mission is to support all Fashion Small business owners.

Here are a few benefits of joining:

Sell your products with little to no risk. There is a minimal transaction fee, with no monthly fees, no membership fees, and no listing fees. Which means, you don’t pay anything unless you make a sale.

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Tips for make the best shopping budget

1) On time Bill payments: –  Always pay your bill on time. For example, you got a $20 deal for designer footwear and sudden that deal doesn’t work after the late fee and you missed a payment .so always pay online and in time bill or better deals and avoid late fees.



2) Always keep your voucher and coupons in hand: –Suppose you got 50% off coupon from Canibuy but forgot to bring it when you shop with canibuy store. So you should always keep your free coupons or vouchers handy.

3)Always return products that you don’t want to use :- This is the best method to save your funds ,just look  at your closet and find clothes with tags, may be that is not fits to you or you don’t love so don’t forget to return those items. This is the best way for money back in your wallet.

4) Don’t shop at last minutes: – always make a shopping budget and plan ahead for birthday, wedding festivals, Job interviews and all .So always look on special discounts and offers for that special occasion.


5) Sell some closet items to get cash: – Just make some little planning for earn money with some selling items.

6) Buy some gift items: – you can save money to buy some gift items like greeting cards, wrapping paper and others before any occasions.

7) Always organize your closet: -It’s better if you will organize your closet with one to two projects like clothes, footwear etc. so just pick some good closet projects from pinterest.

How to Do Safe Online Holiday Shopping

Before you start your holiday shopping keep some useful things in mind understand the consequences of your actions, behavior and enjoy the online shopping. Shopping during holidays is the best time. There are many big discounts in clothes offer by Online Clothing Store. Just keep in mind following useful tips for safe holiday online shopping:

Beautiful woman shopping online for Christmas.
Cheerful young woman wearing Santa’s hat is buying Christmas presents online.

Keep a clean Machine

The device you are used for online shopping like smart phones, Tablets, computer have up to date software, including security software, operating system, programs and applications.

When In Doubt, Throw It Out

The unwanted links in emails, tweets, posts and online advertising offer the way cyber criminals compromise your computer.

 Think Before You Act

There are many online shopping advertisements that offer bigger discounts but think before you are going to shop from these kinds of sites because most of these sites and offers are not real. Online Shopping Canada has always offered true discounts on any purchase for their customers. They will create problems in order and payment.

Get Savvy about Wi-Fi Hotspots

Over an unsecured network never show your personal and financial information. Direct web access from your phone by using 3G or 4G network is safe as compare to unsecured wireless network.

Holiday internet shopping
Cheerful young woman wearing Santa’s hat is buying Christmas presents online.

Make sure the website is Legitimate

This contains a closed padlock in your web browser’s address bar or a URL begins with HTTP. This will help to do secure product purchase. For jewelry shopping Jewelry Montreal is a safe and secure option.

Protect Your Personal Information

You will have to be alert regarding the information being collected for the transaction. Only fill the required information that is marked by check box. Always check the private policy of the website. You will have full knowledge about the storage of information.

Use Safe Payment Option

The Credit card is the safest way to do online shopping because it has a limit on the monetary amount you will be responsible for paying. Never use email to send cash. Shopping Canada always provides safe payment options to their customers.

Keep a Paper Trial

While you are saving the product description, price, online receipt also saves the record of your online transactions. Read the credit card statements as soon as you get them to make sure there are not any unauthorized charges. If there is discrepancy calls your bank and reports it immediately.

Do’s and Don’ts Style Guide for Festivals

During this holiday season we are all fortunate to be in trend phase that is perfect for holiday fashion. This means that lace, shine almost “Royal” fabrics are in trends right now. These ultimately make it easier to spot in the stores Like Online Shopping Canada and put together some really great outfits. All those who need a last minute outfit for holiday rush here in this blog we have discussed two major do and don’ts to stick this week.


Do: Pick a Lane

It is not harmful in being fashion forward and creative, but my single advice is to stick to the lane and own it. Whether we are talking about Prints, pattern material or even color head to toe looks can really make a statement during the holidays. The good news is that white is not your only option this holiday season- trying a head to toe look with reds or forest greens  or even richer tones like navy or eggplant purple. Try Online Clothing Store for great party dresses. If you are working with solid colors, try to embellish it with a piece of statement jewelry such as earrings and a necklace.

Don’t: Become part of Holiday Decorations


It is easy to get excited about the holidays, but when you are experimenting this season avoid overdoing the mixing discussed above. Be smart about the embellishments you choose and where you put it. Because embellishment is all about balance. There is no need for the addition of shiny fabrics or glittery accessories which can take your outfit from looking holiday chic to overdone and ornamental. But If you are looking for Jewelry Montreal then can I buy is only the best store in Canada to shop accessories matching with your dress.


So, during these holidays be conscious of what you are buying- be authentic and make decisions that reflect your holiday spirit.

How to Save Money with Online Clothing Store

When you want to do online shopping then you ought to do first online research about website like customer reviews and after that do some correlation shopping. There are number of deals available on internet to consider. When bigger national retail establishments put women deals then everyone appears to rush the deals. There are number of online clothing stores that offer big deals during holidays and festival season.

You are not just spare the cash on what you purchase, however there is additionally the reserve funds in the gas not utilized in the light of fact that you shop from home and didn’t need to drive to the shopping center. You will get wide range of products at Online Shopping Canada.

When you get list of your favorite clothes via post office then you can look through them and locate the particular things you need to purchase. There is no need to pay the cost of inquiry. Next step is to do hunt online by utilizing the accurate data given as a part of the information you collect regarding clothes.

They do have great deals to offer. You can discover in vogue women’s garments or markdown children’s clothes at absolutely low cost in the event that you take the time to simple search them. You can also Listing Down Online Clothing Store Like Can I buy in Canada.


While you are doing online shopping for men or ladies, you can find lots of arrangements there. Whether you are purchasing online jeans for women or markdown men’s clothes. If you are looking ForJewelry Montreal then you can find them on can I buy.

At long last, another advantage to purchasing at little online stores that you can free from stress of emails and phone calls. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to manage telemarketers attempting offering you more than what you are calling about. The little online clothing store will serve you the best and always happy to answer your inquiry. The real retail establishments have a wide range of PC’S and work force to manage their clients. However, it just some energy to find that little online Clothing stores.

How to set a Clothing Budget and why we need it?

We all need to have a budget for our daily clothing for gain more confidence with quality clothing for our daily lifestyles and also for job.

Budget system of clothing


Importance: clothing is the one of the best desire we all need for looks attractive and trendy. So, we must spend a considerable part of our income for garments.

Income and Expenses: A family is considered the unit of society. The total income of the family includes the whole earning by all family members. So we also concern these clothing expenses for all members of the family.

Standard of living: The standard of living tends to determine the expenditure or at least to set the limits below which budget or income cannot be lowered. The standard of living depends upon the attitude of our mind as to what we think and what we need.

Why we need a Clothing Budget?

To creates family peace: you are sharing your money with someone, so set a clothing budget can be a great way to bring peace to your home.

Clothing is a necessity : The first and best reason to have a clothing budget is that Clothes are necessity, because you simply can’t leave the house without them. So it’s important to look a best clothing category according to your budget.

It relieves guilt: The budget can also helps for guilt relieving. People love fashion. So, proper budget can fulfill their needs. It can play an important role to reduce the guilt.

0007534034F-849x565How to set a clothing budget ?

Your shopping habits: If you tend to shop in one or two big events every year or like you got new job, promotion etc. Then your clothing budget gives a better route to you shopping trips.

Your job: Job is another factor which can also relate to your clothing budget. A job with a uniform will save your considerable amount on clothing and you just need clothes for weekends and fun occasions

Online shopping: When we purchase from Online Clothing Store it helps us for consume our time and sometimes we have got big discounts and off on clothing by some e-stores.

Your family: The large numbers of family members can affect the budget of family. So many people prefer small family. If you are single, then the budget is just for you.