Be one of our Canibuy Community


Do you want to sell with us in Canadian market? Keep in mind ….The small details make a difference and impress your potential buyers, so don’t skip this step! There is always an opportunity to make your Business out with small changes here and there.

Now you’re on board, you’re about to discover even more of what Canibuy has to offer.


Canibuy community

We work with the most prominent worldwide small fashion businesses, handmade artists, and designers and our aim is to help them grow. Ever since establishment our mission has been connect our small fashion entrepreneurs with the fashion lovers, offering unique and trendy clothes jewelry and accessories.


So, remember as Canibuy community member and :

Have a product you’ve made or a creative service you offer? You are allowed to own a Canibuy estore.

All you have to do is to

  • Create your own E-store for free! Make an impressive seller profile and let users know who you are by adding your link to your social network and listing unlimited products.
  • We want you to like being a part of our Canibuy community. Questions, answers, jokes, and product pictures are always welcome. We place a high value on open conversations and encourage everyone to help each other out.
  • At we encourage all E-stores to link to social media accounts, this enables owners to promote to their network and also drive traffic to their canibuy estore. If you are posting any relevant content on your Social Media accounts be sure to tag #canibuy.1452172728405

Nw market1200 (1) is fashion marketplace where buyers and sellers connect for the best Canadian shopping experience with  the coolest street style and the latest fashion around the world.  This distinctive website is dedicated to nurturing emerging talents and aiding independent artists, designers, makers, and small fashion entrepreneurs with its enthusiastic online platform.  The vision is to create an online users destination mixing style and creativity and connecting fashion small businesses directly with their target audience.

For now, Canibuy is focusing on adding your social media accounts, sharing your canibuy E-store, and showing up your products to more than one million users in Canada.

Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business.

Safety with Canibuy !  All transactions are secure as they go through PayPal.






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